White Rock Schedule

This is just a quick rundown of timings, a full list will be on display at the gathering.

  • Check-in Schedule
    • All participants must check-in, sign release forms and obtain a wristband and vehicle pass. The wristband will be your meal ticket and provide class access, so you will need to wear it.
    • You will want to be in camp by 12 noon on Sunday. This when everything kicks-off and signups for classes begin.
  • On-Site Check-in Schedule:
    • Saturday May 4th – 9am-6pm – Gates open for early arrivals and check-in. Please don’t come before that.
    • Sunday May 5th – 9am-6pm – Main arrival day & check-in.
  • Opening Schedule – Sunday May 5th
    • 1pm-3pm – Meet the Instructors
      • Instructors will set out their tables or blankets in main camp to promote their classes and display their craft/work. You will be able to talk to the instructors, ask questions, and find out where and when they will teach each day.
    • 3pm: Opening Ceremony, Announcements
      • This is when we open the gathering by lighting a fire, make announcements as well as instructors introducing themselves and what they teach.
    • 5pm Teens Camp Orientation
      • All parents and kids that want to join Kids Camp, must attend and sign up.
    • 6pm Dinner
    • 7pm – First Timers Meeting
      • Ask questions, get orientated around camp and understand what’s ahead for the week.
  • Daily Schedule
    • 7:30-8am – DIY Breakfast
      • At the kitchen, make your own tea and oatmeal with hot water, Raisins, Nuts and brown sugar.
    • 8:30am – Morning Announcements
      • Each morning at 8:30am there will be Morning Announcements with reminders and updates from instructors and important news
    • 9am-12pm – Morning Classes
    • 12pm-1pm – Lunch
    • 1pm-5pm – Afternoon Classes
    • 6pm – Dinner
  • Evening Entertainment
    • Sunday – Talk by Dennis Jenkins Phd
    • Monday – Music & games in the Moroccan Lounge
    • Tuesday – TBD
    • Wednesday 7:30pmTrade Blanket
      • Bring items you want to trade, it can be anything that is handmade or gathered, eg. canned preserves, hides, baskets, blankets, clothing, knives, tools etc. An entertaining way to trade stuff you no longer want for things you need.
    • Thursday 7pm – Story Telling
    • Friday 7pm – Closing Ceremony and music around the fire.
  • Saturday May 11th – Pack up and load out

A comprehensive schedule will be listed at the gathering.

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