This is just a quick rundown of timings, a full list will be on display at the gathering.

Saturday 9am-7pm – Check in

Sunday 9am-7pm – Check in

Sunday 12-2pm – Blanket Faire
This is where instructors set out their blanket to show their wares which usually are also for sale. It gives you the chance to meet the instructor, sign up, talk about the class and where it will be.

Sunday 4-5 pm – Opening Ceremony and announcements.

Sunday 6pm – First Dinner

Sunday 7pm – First Timers Meeting

Monday – Friday
The schedule below repeats daily. After dinner, entertainment will be different each day. There will be a Raffle, a Trade Blanket, live music by the fire, perhaps drumming, or talks.

8:30am – Morning announcements
9am – Classes begin
12-1pm – Lunch
1-4 pm Classes resume
6pm – Dinner
7pm – Various entertainment

A comprehensive schedule will be listed at the gathering.

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