Camping Options

There are multiple options for camping at White Rock:

General Camping
We have a lot of space for you to set up a tent, teepee, yurt or similar. These spots will require you to relocate your vehicle to the main parking area after you unload. You can be as close to or far from main camp as you like. We have a certain part of the grounds where we allow only traditional canvas and hide structures, but if you have a modern tent there is still a LOT of space for you.

Yurt/Bell Tent Rental
You can also rent a luxury yurt or bell tent that will be set up and furnished for you. These will be located in a small village near main camp and MUST be reserved and paid for in advance. You will be required to relocate your vehicle to the main parking area after you unload. If you want this option, see

Camp Near Vehicle
We have some areas where you can set up camp and keep your vehicle near you if that is your preference. These areas range from relatively close to main camp to much farther out. All of them are more or less out of view of camp.

Vehicle Camping
We have spots for camping in a van, camper, truck or other rig 20 feet long or less. Please let us know if you have high clearance or 4wd, depending on how wet it is, some spots may require that. If you don’t have that we still plenty of spots for you.

We have limited areas in which we can accommodate larger rigs and trailers. If you are planning to camp in any vehicle longer than 20 feet or in a trailer of any length, please fill out the information requested as you purchase your tickets so we can provide space for you. Please note that generator use and extended engine idling are prohibited so plan your power use accordingly (there is generally enough sun for solar power but it isn’t a guarantee).

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