Kids Program

We hope to provide a Kids Camp for various age groups at White Rock. It’s a great, hands on, practical experience in nature that is so lacking in schools today. Students will be able to go visit the different classes and instructors to see what people are learning and will also take part in their own practical classes.
We hope to run Kids Camp mornings and afternoons subject to instructor availability.
If you have young children and will be accompanying them through classes, you might consider becoming a kids camp instructor or assistant? If so please contact us.

Kids – ages 5-8yrs

This is not a day care for kids. Parents are expected to attend classes with their children. Older kids not accompanied by parents, must be potty trained and be able to navigate a porta-potty by themselves. This is not the responsibility of the instructor.

Being our first year, we hope to have instructors for all age groups, but we may not be able to provide classes for 5-8yr old’s.  Please contact us for more info.

Tweens – ages 9-12yrs

The Tweens Program introduces kids to primitive skills, projects and games.  Check with the kid’s program instructors to see if this is suitable for your children.

Teens – ages 13-15yrs

The teens program may vary depending on who is instructing. They will learn real and practical skills which will give a great basis for taking adult classes in the future. It may include a night out in the desert.

Please Note:
All these programs are in flux and still being planned. They will get more defined as we get closer to the gathering when we know which instructors will be teaching.
The website page will get updated with information regarding Kids Camp and you can also contact us directly if you need more information.

All kids are the responsibility of their parents or guardians. 
They need to be monitored and checked regularly. All kids, Tweens and Teens Must be in classes. This is a n educational and leaning environment, it’s not healthy for kids to wander aimlessly around camp in groups with no direction. Idle hands are the devil’s playground!

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