Each class is taught by an instructor who has spent years and in some cases decades learning their craft. We are very grateful to all instructors who are so willing to come to the White Rock Gathering to share their skills, crafts and knowledge.

Deciding what class or classes to do can be difficult as there is so much to choose from.
On Sunday between 12-2pm instructors will set out their wares on a blanket or table under the Sky Lodge in center camp (see ‘Schedule’ page). You will be able to see their work, ask questions and sign up for classes.
There maybe a materials fee with some classes and the instructor will let you know if there is one.

Classes start daily at 9am after morning announcements (at 8:30am) where the instructors say what they are teaching and where. After an hour lunch (12-1pm) classes resume until 5pm.

Some classes will last just a morning, some all day or two and some may even take up 3-4 days. Planning your time is important, but don’t try and squeeze in too much, allow time to take in the gathering and wander through camp to see what everyone else is doing, linger, watch and listen. Breath it all in as the days go fast!

The ‘Instructor page’ will list the instructors and what they teach. Below is a list of classes from the 2023 gathering. It was only a 3-5 day event so this is why the schedule seems short. From 2024 onward, it will be a 6-7 day gathering.
As we get closer to May 2024, we will know which instructors will be attending and below will be replaced with a more accurate list. At the gathering there will be a definitive schedule of all classes/instructors on the notice board.

Some of the classes could be: Arrow and Bow making, Basketry & Weaving, Blacksmithing, Hide Tanning, Animal Butchering, Campcraft, Fiber & Cordage,  Fire Making, Felting, Flint Knapping, Leather Work, Hunting, Tracking & Trapping,  Pottery, Shelters, Tin Smithing, Wild Edibles, Botany & Medicinals, Natural plant Dying.

For Info Only – Last year’s class schedule – Thursday

For Info Only – Last year’s class schedule – Friday

For Info Only – Last year’s class schedule – Saturday

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