What To Expect

What to expect

Life in camp is a layed back affair. It’s relaxing, entertaining and educational. You will meet interesting people and make great friends.
The sound, smell and activity of a gathering is how I expect the life of a village might have been in years gone by. Fires crackling, axes chopping,  stones hitting stone and the blacksmith’s hammer pinging in the background.  It’s magical just to walk around and see all the activity going on.

Check in

Arriving at White Rock you will need to check-in, sign a liability waiver form and be given your wrist band which indicates you as an attendee and your meal preferences.  You will be shown the various camp areas/options so you can drive in, set up and then remove your vehicle to the parking area.
Camp staff will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Check in opens on Monday 8th

Camp Sites

We are saving spaces on Main Street for instructors and merchants selling their wares and those camping in traditional shelters.  There is plenty of space outside of that.  There are designated areas for RVs and car camping.

Please keep your campsite compact, clean and clear of garbage etc.


For a complete breakdown of each day and what classes are being offered, go to the Schedule page under Registration.
Each day starts at 8:30am with morning announcements and then each instructor announces his/her name, the class being taught, at what time and where.  
Classes start at 9am and run until 12 noon. We break for an hour for lunch and then classes resume from 2 – 5pm.
Dinner is at 6pm and then in the evening there might be music, a Trade Blanket or a talk of some kind.


At this time of year, the weather can be changeable.  It could be warm and sunny, but equally could be cold.  Night temperatures could be in the high 30s so come prepared for all conditions. We are at 4,500ft so if sunny, the sun can be hot, bring a hat.

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