What to Bring

You will be camping so bring all of the usual gear that you would normally take. Just because this is a primitive skills gathering doesn’t mean you have to slum it!
Some like to have luxurious and extensive camps, while others like to just have the minimum. There will be a large communal fire under the Sky Lodge and large Moroccan type furnished lounge yurt with rugs and floor cushions and for evening entertainment. If you play musical instruments, please bring them.


A good tent is a must, it can be something modern or traditional (preferred). It could be in the 30s (F) at night so come prepared with a camp bed and good sleeping bag.

Rent a Yurt or Bell Tent
If you have limited gear or don’t have a tent, you will be able to rent a furnished or unfurnished Yurt or Bell tent. The furnishings will be a luxury memory foam mattress, European Duvet, linens, fleece blanket, camp chairs, low table, rug, solar light and lantern. See below for more information

Cooking & Heat

As we will only be providing a hearty evening meal and a DIY breakfast of oatmeal, Hot water, brown sugar, raisins, teas etc. bring food and snacks for your lunch.
Dress for both warm and cold days. A hat is important if it’s hot. Layers are best, so you can add or remove layers as necessary.
Fires are permitted as long as they are in a pan or above ground fire pits. No fires can be in or on the ground.


Any specialist tools needed for certain classes will be provided by the instructor, but all students should have a good knife and perhaps a small axe which is also useful for making kindling.

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