Pet Tolerance


As much as we love dogs, please make arrangements for them to stay at home as they are not permitted.  Service Dogs are allowed with prior permission, but must be kept on a lead at all times. Some instructors may also be given permission for their dogs as well, so if you see a dog in camp, there is a reason. To get permission for your service dog to attend White Rock with you, please contact us here ↗

Please come prepared to pick up all of your dog’s waste. If your dog continually creates a disturbance, you will be asked to leave. Be aware that coyotes are on the land and have been known to eat dogs so please make sure your service dog is secure at night.

Service animals are animals that are trained to do a specific task for a disabled person. Emotional support animals are not considered service dogs. 

Please do not arrive at White Rock with your dog if you have not previously requested and been granted permission. Please contact us here ↗ to request permission for your dog (or other animal come to that).

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