Camp Guidelines

Camp Guidelines

Camp Guidelines are the necessary do’s and don’ts to establish a harmonious community and let’s everyone know what’s expected of them. We also need them to comply with how the land owners want their land to be treated.  Please respect the community and land, and follow the guidelines.


There are inherent risks in attending primitive skills events, we use pointed implements, knives, sharp objects, weapons and fire, all of which can cause serious harm. Please follow the teachers instructions and follow their safety requirements.  If you see young’uns, teens or even adults using any of the above things improperly, gently help by showing them the correct use.

There will be a be a medical tent and an EMT on call.  Hopefully he or she will have a boring time!

See this page for info about accessibility


To participate in the White Rock Gathering, you will need to sign a liability waiver.  Supervision of minors is a parental responsibility.

Camping Areas

Please camp within the designated areas. Vehicles are not allowed in the main camp area. You will need to unload your gear and then move your vehicle to the designated parking area. We all love the security of having our car right by our camp to store stuff and lock away valuables, but we want to keep the camp as free from modern conveniences as possible. No vehicle will be allowed in camp during the gathering

There will be designated areas for RVs and car camping.

Shelter types 

Bring a weather proof shelter, it can be hot at that time of year, but equally can be cold too.

While modern colored nylon tents are fine, traditional canvas shelters in the form of yurts, teepees, A-frames or bell tents etc. are certainly more preferred and in keeping with the primitive ethos of the event.

Center camp is reserved for those “under canvas”.  There will be areas for RVs and car camping outside of main camp.


Fires are permitted, but not on the ground. Some type of “off the ground fire pan” must be used.  A limited amount of firewood will be provided. 

Drugs and Alcohol

White Rock Gathering is a drug and alcohol free event, please do not bring any with you.

Power and Lights 

There is no power on site. It is a primitive event and we would like to keep it that way as much as possible so please do not use generators in camp. Generators can be used in the RV area, but not at night.

Bright lights in camp are discouraged especially those bright blueish LEDs. Paraffin lamps, gas lanterns or candles provide a far gentler warm glow.


Please take your trash home with you. We do not have the facilities to deal with it all.  With a little thought and planning, it’s amazing how little we can actually create.


Water stations will be provided in camp for potable drinking water.

Please dispose of waste water thoughtfully. There is a irrigation ditch/water source for animals running through camp.


An evening meal is provided each day. Meat will most likely be in every meal, but there will be a vegetarian alternative.  Please make sure you check the correct box on your registration.

We use organic food whenever possible. The beef used will be grass fed, organic, hormone free, without injections and raised solely on the land.

There will be hot water, teas and DIY oatmeal for a simple breakfast, but you must provide your own lunch.

You will need to bring your own plate/bowl/cutlery and there will be wash stations available to clean them.

Do not plan on buying food supplies in Summer Lake. There is a basic convenience store, but the nearest grocery type store is 20 miles in each direction.  Bring everything with you.


Only music created by people, live, is permitted. Any music that requires power is strictly prohibited! While we all love our electronic devices, take a break for a few days and unplug!


Porta-Potties will be provided. Please, please, please, do not deposit anything other than your physical donation (or the provided toilet paper) in the toilet. Please educate your children in its proper use and please leave the toilet as you would like to receive it. If any Porta-Potties require attention, please let someone know.

Hygiene and cleanliness is an important part of a healthy community, for the sake of others, please wash your hands after ablutions and before meals.


As much as we love dogs, please make arrangements for them to stay at home as they are not permitted.  Service Dogs are allowed with prior permission, but must be kept on a lead at all times. Some instructors may also be given permission for their dogs as well, so if you see a dog in camp, there is a reason. To get permission for your service dog to attend White Rock with you, please contact us here ↗

Please come prepared to pick up all of your dog’s waste. If your dog continually creates a disturbance, you will be asked to leave. Be aware that coyotes are on the land and have been known to eat dogs so please make sure your service dog is secure at night.

Service animals are animals that are trained to do a specific task for a disabled person. Emotional support animals are not considered service dogs. 

Please do not arrive at White Rock with your dog if you have not previously requested and been granted permission. Please contact us here ↗ to request permission for your dog (or other animal come to that).

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