Summer Lake, Oregon ~ May 5th – 11th, 2024

The White Rock Traditional Skills & Crafts Gathering is an annual spring event that celebrates the ancient and traditional crafts created and honed by our ancestors. It’s a 7 day gathering held in the high desert of Southern Oregon, where people can come to learn from experienced instructors who have spent years learning their skills.
Classes cover many subjects and may include:
Bow making, Basketry & Weaving, Blacksmithing, Tanning, Campcraft, Fiber & Cordage, Fire making, Felting, Flint knapping, Leather Work, Hunting, Tracking & Trapping, Kids Program, Pottery, Shelters, Tin Smithing, Wild Edibles, botany & Medicinals.


The gathering will be held at Summer Lake in the Central Oregon High Desert. Set in Rangeland & sagebrush on the edge of grass meadows which are flood irrigated by artesian springs. It’s a beautiful spot with big blue skies during the day and amazing stars at night. Being at 4,500ft and with no light pollution, you can see the milky way in all its glory.

Close by is Ana Reservoir which is great for swimming, fishing and boating.

Everyone must register to attend the gathering. Registration opens in January

If you are new to these types of gatherings, this will help you understand what goes on and what to expect when you get here….

The White Rock Traditional Crafts and Skills Gathering is a new event started in 2023 by a small group of friends that attend the many other primitive skills events around the country….

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